Jake’s Story

Jake used love walks and be very joyful.

Sadly 2 years ago his owner, Sadie, noticed a change. Walks became less exciting and he became quieter, prompting a visit to see me.
During his assessment Jake showed discomfort in his back, groin, and especially his knee (stifle). He also couldn’t sit square. X-rays at his vet confirmed Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease , a common condition in dogs.
The CCL is a key ligament in the knee, vital for stability. When weakened or torn it causes pain and instability. This is a common cause of hind leg lameness in dogs impacting their mobility and quality of life.
* Reluctance to sit square
* Reluctance to exercise
* Difficulty getting up/down
* Stiffness
* Limping
* Muscle loss in the affected leg
* Pain when flexing the knee
If you notice these signs consult your vet.
Just like I’m helping Jake get back to his playful self! Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information @canine.pawsibilities