Canine Fitness and Conditioning

Improve your dog’s strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, and reduce the risks of injury

Canine Fitness training, also called Canine Conditioning, fills the gap between traditional dog sports, training activities and canine physiotherapy.

Just like Human fitness training, Canine Fitness exercises are designed to target specific muscle groups. Performing regular repetitions of tailored exercises stimulates these muscles, corrects and rebalances movement patterns. In turn this strengthens these muscles, promotes mobility, stability, flexibility, balance, speed, and body awareness.

Canine fitness training is not restricted to dogs that regularly do sporting activities but is also valuable for all healthy dogs, including elderly dogs. Common daily activities, such as walks, running, or playing with toys only stimulate and maintain the larger muscle groups but does not necessarily condition the deeper stabilising muscles.

By promoting good posture, increasing the dogs core fitness, strength and flexibility, we actively reduce the risk of muscular injuries.

Injuries commonly occur due to excessive muscle loading by the application of a sudden force, for example when the dog slips or twists. The chances of these type of injuries increases if your dog already presents with a muscular imbalance or weakness or as your dog becomes tired and fatigued and is no longer able to maintain a good posture.

Not only can these injuries be very painful, they can be difficult to treat with sometimes very long recovery times.

As a Canine Physiotherapist and a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, I offer both private sessions and group workshops. Please contact me directly using the form below or via my Facebook page if you are interested in joining this class.

Great Course, very informative, lots of practice/try out, some items to buy for balance exercises. Both tired now. Many thanks, enjoyed it.

Everyone had a great time and the dogs were very mentally and physically stimulated

Even though we run our dogs most days it made us realise how much we could improve and reduce risk of injuries in our Canine athletes through conditioning in simple exercises 

Thank you Agnes for a fantastic day would recommend to everyone. 

I first came across Canine Pawsibilities with Cani-fit classes a couple of years ago for Fingal and he thrived on the exercises. Agnes was patient and understanding of our foibles! Then I moved on to a Canine Massage session, which has come in very handy – in-depth knowledge and great fun. And with our “new” pup Sancho we’ve taken him through the puppy classes and have just finished Junior classes (so good we did them twice!). Agnes is a great tutor, flexible and attentive to the needs of each dog (and handler!). Incredibly useful for real life dog companionship, not just learning a few tricks or basic obedience (although she covers that as well). Thoroughly recommended. 

With many years competing at the highest levels of agility, Agnes is uniquely placed to understand the demands on our canine athletes. This experience combined with extensive knowledge, complementary techniques and a kind and gentle touch make every visit a pleasure and learning experience. Agnes’ support of the Scottish agility team will only enhance our performance. 

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, learned absolutely loads of techniques and can’t wait to try out on my other dogs

Really interesting workshop, learned lots. Thankyou so much, my poodle was putty in my hands which is a first.

We had a great day and really enjoyed ourselves. We learnt so much and can’t wait to put it into practice. Thanks for everything.

Learned so much today. An excellent class. Lots to put into practice. Agnes explained and demonstrated everything so well

Sprocket has really come into himself since this course. We knew he liked a challenge, but with your help, Sprocket has really matured and flourished. Thank you & hope to work much again in the future.

Thanks, Well organised with lots of hands on practice. Well thought out program & like the balance between research and personal opinion.

Loved today’s course, great ideas and it helped me understand why I am trying all of the exercises I try from Youtube. Really helped with focus of my Sit/Stand/Down/Stand

Thoroughly enjoyed the course today. It has given me better insight into my work as a canine behaviour therapist. A better understanding of how the muscles move an extend/abduct transferring weight and pressure within the dog’s body.

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