Vestibular Disease and Mozzie’s Journey

July 17, 2024/by Agnes Campan

Promoting Gut Health in Dogs

"Gut health concerns the whole digestive tract, which starts…
May 1, 2024/by Agnes Campan

Jake’s Story

Jake used love walks and be very joyful.
Sadly 2 years ago his…
April 22, 2024/by Agnes Campan

Introducing our eBook store

We are excited to introduce our new eBook store for books,…
March 28, 2024/by Agnes Campan

Warm up and Cool Down massage Course

From the heart-pounding excitement of Agility and Flyball to…
March 17, 2024/by Agnes Campan

Le Guide de Massage Canin pour Debutant

Get ready for an exhilarating journey as I prepare to unveil…
March 17, 2024/by Agnes Campan

Online Introduction to Massage with EduZen

🐾 Exciting News! 🐾 

I am thrilled…
February 26, 2024/by Agnes Campan

Dakota’s Physiotherapy Session

It's not often that I get a message from one of my Canine Clients,…
February 22, 2024/by Agnes Campan

Onlinepethealth Mentorship Program

Beyond the joy of treating my amazing patients, my vision…
January 25, 2024/by Agnes Campan

The Beginner’s Guide to Canine Massage

On the 20th - 21st February 2024 I will be presenting the first…
January 10, 2024/by Agnes Campan

First Puppy School of 2024

January 9, 2024/by Agnes Campan

Our last Puppy School of 2023

December 12, 2023/by Agnes Campan

We can’t train Cuteness

We all know that Puppies are cute, but just being cute does not…
December 2, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Why so Serious?

Although we take our Puppy Training very seriously our classes…
November 25, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Our next Puppy School is open for Registration



Puppy training need not be a Stressful…
November 19, 2023/by Agnes Campan


A comment that I often hear during my Agility Classes…
November 19, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Fun, Fast and Reliable Recalls – July 2023

A good solid recall is one of the fundamental behaviours that…
June 14, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Canine Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a degenerative condition that starts as laxity…
May 15, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Join in the Fun

With all of our classes, Puppy, Junior, Scent Work, Hoopers or…
May 10, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Have you heard of Vestibular Syndrome?

Tully's Story told by his owner, Lyn Armour
On Saturday September…
April 9, 2023/by Agnes Campan

BGTCM – April 2023

Earlier this week I ran my first Beginner's Guide to Canine Massage…
April 6, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Born to Sniff

Smell is your dog’s strongest sense. Depending upon the…
March 11, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Fun, Fast and Reliable Recalls.

A good solid recall is one of the fundamental behaviours that…
March 6, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Registration for our Latest Live Classes

We are currently taking bookings for the following Live clas…
March 6, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Six Fab Tricks for February

Last Sunday we held our Six Fab Tricks for February class at…
February 28, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Puppy and Junior School Graduates

For those Puppies and Dogs which graduate from our Puppy School…
February 24, 2023/by Agnes Campan

onlinepethealth Mentorship program.

Another year of learning, another year of sharing, another…
February 24, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Winston finds his Forever home

Winston is also one of my regular physiotherapy patients, you…
January 22, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Registration for our March 2023 Puppy and Junior School – Live

Registration is now open for our next Puppy School - Live and Junior…
January 22, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Six Fab Tricks for February

Hot on the heals of the Six Tricks for Christmas Class we ran…
January 20, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Information about Elbow Displasia

A little bit of interesting information about elbow dysplasia.…
January 20, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Literally an ‘Epic’ Physiotherapy Session

Epic came to see me yesterday for her regular physiotherapy assessment…
January 13, 2023/by Agnes Campan

Six Tricks for Christmas

I think I can confidently say that everybody had fun last Sunday…
December 14, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Let the adventures begin

I would like to say good luck to Cookie who can finally run…
November 11, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Louie gets placed in his first ever Worldwide Trick competition

A big congratulations to Stacey & Louie for achieving a 5th…
October 15, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Dexter – A Physiotherapy success story.

It's always a great feeling when I watch one of my little patients…
August 22, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Typical Rehabilitation Times for Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are quite common in dogs and I am often…
August 2, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Puppy Exercise Guidelines

As puppies grow and develop, we want to ensure that we stimulate…
July 5, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Puppy School

May 1, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Canine Massage Therapy – Crufts

A little bit of information about clinical canine massage by…
March 14, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Helping Animals to live a better life

I always feel that there is nothing more rewarding than helping…
March 14, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Onlinepethealth mentorship program

I am proud to be one of the founding members of this amazing…
March 2, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Onlinepethealth Interview

This morning, I had an interview with Ane from onlinepethealth…
February 23, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Still Sceptical about Online Learning?

There may be some of you who are still sceptical about the benefits…
February 21, 2022/by Agnes Campan

Myth Busters – Chronic Pain

September 24, 2021/by Agnes Campan

Myth Busters – Post Surgery Care

September 24, 2021/by Agnes Campan

Myth Busters – Acute Pain

September 17, 2021/by Agnes Campan

Puppy School Photoshoot

We all love looking at photographs of Puppies. This Sunday we…
July 18, 2021/by Agnes Campan

Hoopers in the Winter sunshine

A typical Canine Hoopers training session at CANINE Pawsibilities…
December 3, 2020/by Agnes Campan
Dog attending Canine Fitness & Conditioning Workshop

Speyside Copper Dogs Flyball – Canine Fitness

I was invited by the Speyside Copper Dogs Flyball team to organise…
November 12, 2018/by Agnes Campan