Learn how to teach your dog in a stress free environment, using modern, kind and motivational methods. Apply these training skills for the entire life of your dog.

I offer the flexibilty of  Group, Private, and Online Classes

Training with CANINE Pawsibilities is not just a wonderful way to spend quality time with your dog, it is a bonding experience. Training provides important mental stimulation and promotes improved physical health for both you and your dog.

The objective of my training classes is to teach you how to communicate and train your dog in a relaxed, stress free environment using modern, kind and motivational methods.  You will learn how to build trust and mutual respect with your dog, resulting in Improved behaviour, better obedience and safety, and increased confidence.

My challenge is to ensure that you will be leaving your class happy, satisfied and confident that you understand how you can teach and build a strong bond with your dog.

Life Skills Classes

Investing the time in training from an early age with help forge a strong relationship with your dog and teach you both the skills that are required for an enjoyable partnership throughout your dog’s life

Puppy School

This class is aimed at teaching your puppy the basic commands and manners in addition to basic socialisation. Don’t wait to start to come to a class, as soon as your pup has had his first set of injections it is ready to join a class! You will be surprised how quickly a young pup learn and the earlier you start its training the easier it will be.

Junior School

This is a step up from the puppy classes for graduate puppies or junior dogs who have missed out the puppy program. The class is a re-enforcement of the behaviours taught in the puppy class with some additional skills, increased distance work, fun exercises to tests that the training foundation are rock solid and a lot more tricks!

Adult Dog – Private Sessions

I also run private sessions for adult dogs. I tailor these to the specific dog and/or training requirements based on the information gathered about you and your dog before the start of the training session.

Please contact me directly using the form below or via my Facebook page if you are interested in joining this class.

Sports Training and Activities Classes

Engaging in Dog Sports or Activities can improve obedience and responsiveness to commands and help to eliminate problematic behaviours by actively channeling your dog’s drive and natural instincts. Dog Sports and activities can improve the physical health of not only the dog but the handler.


Agility is sport where dogs are navigated around, over or through a course of varied obstacles including jumps, weaves, see saw, tunnels, dog walk, and A-frame. Competitive agility is a fast paced high adrenaline race against the clock. Fun agility maintains all the fun aspects without the pressure of competition


Hoopers is an exciting dog sport in which your dog navigates at speed around a course of obstacles, primarily hoops, but also including tunnels, barrels and mats. Hoopers has all the pace of Agility but being a lower impact sport with no jumping or tight turns is more accessible to a wider range of dogs.

Scent Work

Dogs not only see the world with their eyes, but also their noses. Scent work harnesses their incredible sense of smell to locate objects with a specific odour, or actively follow a human scent track, discreminating from the complex cocktail of scents in the environment. Tracking is mentally stimulating for our dogs and also reduces their heart rate and anxiety related behaviours

Tricks for Treats

Teaching tricks is a fun way to bond and interact with your dog. All dogs can be taught tricks and its a useful tool for building your dogs confidence and overcoming or redirecting nervous behaviour. Introducing several basic training methods to teach or capture specific actions we will allow you and your dog to achieve increasingly complex tricks. With patience and imagination the possibilities are endless.

Canine Massage

Canine Massage  is a recognised natural therapy that can aid to release pain and aches associated with musculo-skeletal imbalance, old age, soft tissue injuries, orthopaedic or neurological conditions  in dogs. It can also help to enhance the performance of any canine athlete.

As Licensed Workshop Instructor I regularly schedule Workshops either as a Live Face to Face session or alternatively as a Live Interactive Online session.

Canine Fitness

Canine Fitness training helps to promote good posture, increase the dogs core fitness, strength and flexibility, and actively reduce the risk of muscular injuries. Canine Fitness is of benefit to all dogs, not just those doing sporting activities.

I would highly recommend the Hoopers class with Agnes – my young spaniel pup absolutely loves the classes. Agnes is a great teacher, she is patient, understanding and brings out the best in the dogs during the sessions. The most important lesson they learn from the Hoopers class is that they have fun!

As soon as you start training with Agnes you really feel like part of the Pawsibilities family. Whether training your puppy the basics, improving obedience or agility handling the emphasis is always on fun – for you and your dog! Agnès is very patient and always focused on the positive, she has an excellent understanding of what will motivate your dog to work for you.

I attended the online seminar this week in maintenance / routine canine massage for my dogs. It was well presented and easy to follow. The best bit was being able to ask lots of questions which were answered in a knowledgeable way. I would definitely recommend this course 

I would recommend Agnès to anybody for any aspect of dog training. Just after the 2 first sessions with Agnès, Rye’s behaviour and my relationship with her improved dramatically and continued to develop over the training programme.”

I loved my class and so did Skyler it was both educational and fun. Skyler learned how to behave, manage her fears and interact with other dogs. In fact we loved it so much we’re still here 15 months later learning agility. Couldn’t ask for a better trainer, Skyler adores Agnès!

After completing puppy and junior training with Agnes at Canine Pawsibilities, Hoopers has been a great next step for our flattie. It’s really increased her focus on us outside, has been great for working on concentration around other dogs and has kept us all fit. Would recommend for anyone – our dog loves it. 

Started this class with no knowledge of scent work and a very fearful young rescue dog. It has been such a positive experience for us both and I see Mia’s confidence growing steadily. The exercises in class and the homework help build your relationship with your dog. Would highly recommend as a fun way to learn new skills for dog and handler.

No matter what your concerns and issues are with your dog, give Agnès a go, she is extremely patient and knowledgeable and always has time to help with anything either at class or outside of class. As well as teaching us to train our dog, Agnès has also helped with my concerns about meeting other dogs, separation anxiety in Jake, crate training and just having fun.

Nara and I loved the The Tricks for Treats course at Canine Pawsibilities! The course consisted carefully of the basics needed and could be combined to more complex tricks later. We followed week by week release and enjoyed the private group where we can upload videos and get the full support from everyone. We also attended their online zoom class, which gave us more exercises to progress depending on where we are with the tricks. Highly recommend. What a lovely community!

I took part in the massage training online and loved it. Very informative and such a great skill for me to learn. I can now confidently massage my dogs at home. My dogs loved it. Thank you every so much. We will be back for more.

As I try to do as much as I can to learn new skills especially when it comes to my dogs I attended the Canine Beginners Massage Course at the weekend, I have been wanting to do this course for a while but our dates always clashed. I was not disappointed, a very well thought out and informative course, the explanation of our dogs body, muscles and the massage technique was carefully explained and demonstrated, I now feel confident to replicate the training on all my dogs. I would recommend this course to any dog owner as it benefits our dogs well being. 

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