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Whether your interest lies in competing at the highest level or in enjoying some fun time with your dog, I can offer you a class or private tuition that suits your level and interest.

Dog agility can be enjoyed by all dogs, no matter their size or breed and by people of all ages. Each Dog/Handler team is unique so I adapt my training and techniques to their requirements, motivation and ability. Children over 6 years old, supervised by their parents, are welcome. Children usually love it, they learn to take responsibility over their pets in a fun manner whilst developing a better coordination and spatial awareness.

All the classes are obviously based on positive reinforcement using only competition standard equipment for everybody’s safety.

With dog agility you will explore the athlete in you and your dog and develop a strong partnership based on a mutual understanding and trust.  It’s is fun, addictive and extremely rewarding for both your dog and you!

Foundation for young dogs

Build rock solid foundations in your young dog and prepare them for their future agility career!

Your young dog will learn a variety of fun tricks to develop his core muscle strength and body awareness as well as skills such as motivation, drive, forward focus, handler focus, shadow handling to name just a few.

Fun agility and beginners

Discover how to master full agility courses with your dog by developing your handling skills whilst teaching your dog to negotiate the obstacles and follow your directives.

Competitive agility

Build up the skills, focus and confidence that will make your team enjoy the competition environment, exceed your goals and thrive.

Together, we will work at improving your team partnership and the accuracy of your handling by clarifying your physical and verbal cues. We will build your dog’s confidence and understanding for a wide range of agility skills, including jumping sequences, obstacle discrimination, advanced weave entries, solid, independent contacts and most importantly trust in your leadership. You will learn to analyse the courses and define a clear strategy that will suit best your team.

“Agnès really understands dogs and has always managed to help me to improve my handling and communication with Speedy. She always respects the dog and teaches everything in a positive way so the experience is always enjoyable for both the dog and the handler.”

“Agnès is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. My dog Denny and I learnt so much and really enjoyed ourselves training with her! I’m looking forward to some more lessons with Agnès in the future.”

“Agnès has enthusiasm by the bucketful, and makes me feel I have achieved something new every week. I started the classes with the intention of doing a couple of sessions, and am still going 18 months later and loving every moment!”

“Champion trainer! Agnès trains to suit the individual needs of the handler and dog. We have learned so much and the dogs love training! The highlight of our week!”

“Through her vision of the discipline, combined with her extensive knowledge of the Border Collie, Agnès has been a brilliant trainer despite the distance. Agnès has a well balanced mix of gentleness, firmness and patience and it suited perfectly Storm and me.”

“Agnès is a lovely, bubbly, outgoing trainer who works with each individual owner and dog team so they can achieve their best independently of their ability and speed!”

“I have known Agnès for just over 9 years. I was delighted when she decided to leave the oil industry and dedicate herself to dog training. She is really good at working with you to get the best out of your dog.”

“We love our weekly agility training with Agnès. She’s clear with what she wants us to do, keeps sessions fun and yet is always challenging us and getting us to think! She’s brilliant with the dogs and tailors her training to suit the individual dogs character and issues. She’s always enthusiastic and has endless patience! Definitely highly recommended!”

“Even though we had no experience of agility we were immediately welcomed into the group and put at ease by Agnès’ positive manner, she obviously loves all dogs and is committed to making each session enjoyable for dogs and handlers regardless of their ability.”

“Agnès keeps the groups small and she keeps a close eye on whatever task you are doing throughout the whole session so we are always corrected if we don’t quite get it right. This can lead to much banter and laughter as agility training is fun and a bit like line dancing you need to be facing the right way if you want your dog to get in right!”

“My previous trainer was leaving the area but before she left she recommended Agnès to me. Having a border collie who has many issues and no previous experience myself of agility, I went along for lessons and was very relieved and happy with the experience. Agnès quickly got the measure of both Keo and myself and we have continued to improve, be challenged and still enjoy our training immensely!”

“Agnès has definitely some very modern handling techniques and did not hesitate to adapt her techniques to fit what was best for me and Speedy”

“Agnès adapts her training to suit the characters of each human and the dog pairs and she makes sure everyone goes home with a sense of achievement (and some homework!). Her own competing has given her the experience to train to the top level but I felt as welcome as a complete beginner. I have learnt so much about training and a lot of the techniques can also be used daily not just in agility.”

“Agnès’ teaching techniques, her boundless passion for agility, her love for sheepdogs and her communication skills have changed our lives and the understanding between Storm and me”

“In the year that I have been attending training with Agnès, Patch and I have learnt a great deal and we are really enjoy every training session. In fact Patch is ‘in love’ with Agnès! I look forward to many more training sessions and eventually one day maybe competing in agility.”

“Agnès is an excellent teacher and I am really pleased with the progress we have made in so few lessons!”

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