Canine Massage Therapy is designed to rehabilitate muscular dysfunction in dogs, improve their general well being, sport performance, mobility and posture, relieve muscular pain or imbalance and promote faster recovery after injury or surgery.

If you think “SPA” it is time to rethink! Canine Massage Therapy is a recognised natural therapy that rehabilitates soft tissue injuries and aids to release pain associated with orthopaedic conditions, old age, and musculo-skeletal imbalance in dogs.

Canine Massage Therapy was originally developed by transferring human massage remedial treatments to suit dog anatomy. It includes Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sport massage and myofascial release techniques. I will be working your dog’s soft tissue in combination with gentle passive stretches to remodel scar tissue and release general muscular tension, trigger points and myofascial pain.

I am a member of the Canine Massage Guild which is the only association of thoroughly trained professional canine therapists in the UK. It is a proof of my commitment to excellence. I have followed a 2 years intensive Canine Massage Course, have an extensive knowledge in canine physiology and anatomy, I am committed to follow a strict code of ethics and a continuous development programme.


My main objective is the well being of your dog, I would like, when necessary, to be able to work collaboratively with your vet. Before your pets’ first session and to abide with the law, I will also need your veterinarian’s consent. I will as well provide feedback to your vet and physiotherapist at the end of the session or group of sessions.

“I was surprised not only of the physical and behavioral improvements of Nan after just one session but also by the speed of changes. I wish I had discovered Canine Massage Therapy earlier in Nan’s life.”

“I was extremely happy of the progress Balou was having after each session. He was more mobile, happier and started to engage in playing with other dogs. I am convinced that the massage therapy has played an important part in speeding up his recovery.”

“Agnès was kind but confident and Katie was happy to be handled by her. Katie has not suffered any more episodes of lameness since the last massage session and has shown no problem or hesitation jumping into the car or going up or down stairs. Thank you for fixing her!”

“Archie was much happier when he got home and he was in a mood to be active. The next day he doubled the maximum walking distance he had done in days before turning for home. Agnès was calm and controlled during the sessions, she was kind and tender with Archie and very responsive to his movements and signals”

“Agnès had a calm and sensitive approach with Dill who felt relaxed very quickly. Straight after the first session Dill started to be more playful with people and dogs, her gait was freer, she started cantering again and stretching herself. And unexpectedly it seems that the massage therapy session has help reduced dramatically her incontinence. ”

“Despite being usually nervous when being handled Lexie was very calm and relaxed throughout the sessions. Her gait was much more fluid even after just one session, in fact even my husband noticed the difference! Lexie’s willingness to work and jump in agility also improved after the course of the 3 sessions and she has not be lame since!”

“Nan can now wag her tail freely, her temper with other dogs has dramatically improved as she is less in pain and she is willingly jumping low fences, crawling under gates and jumps in the car which she had never done for years”

“Agnès was great! She had such a calming effect of Flo! Flo seemed more energetic and happy the day after the session and for the first time in over a year she cantered during her walk, her gait seemed to be much lighter and she willingly wanted to go for slightly longer walks. I would definitely recommend Agnès for your elderly dog”

“Agnès handled Elvis with due respect to his age and condition and showed showed genuine care and compassion wilst exercising due diligence.”

I also offer Massage Workshops for Beginners either as a Face to Face or Online Interactive event.

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