Canine Physiotherapy

Canine Physiotherapy is a science based discipline which promotes pain free function of the body. Canine Physiotherapy improves body function prior to surgical procedures and assists with post-surgery/injury rehabilitation to restore normal muscle control and function. It can also improve movement and increase strength in the healthy patient and the canine athlete.

As a professionally qualified Canine Massage therapist I only work with your veterinarian consent. Physiotherapy sessions can be held either at my clinic or at your home. I also run regular clinics North and South of Aberdeen. Group booking for clubs or independent groups can also be arranged.

Life Skills Classes

My Puppy and Junior programmes are aimed to help you train your young dog and enrich the bond between both of you using modern, kind and motivational methods. You will be able to apply all the skills learnt during the classes for the entire life of your dog. This is a magic adventure, be ready to discover that your dog’s abilities go beyond your expectation.

I run weekly Group sessions of no more than 8 puppies and can also provide 121 Classes on demand.

Dog Sports and Activities

I provide comprehensive, flexible training for the popular dog sports of Agility, Hoopers, and Scent Work. Classes are help as Group or 121 sessions on a Weekly basis.

I also offer bespoke Canine Fitness & Conditioning training, Massage Therapy Workshops as Live and Interactive Online courses, and Online Trick training.

“Agnès really understands dogs and has always managed to help me to improve my handling and communication with Speedy. She always respects the dog and teaches everything in a positive way so the experience is always enjoyable for both the dog and the handler.”

“I was surprised not only of the physical and behavioral improvements of Nan after just one session but also by the speed of changes. I wish I had discovered Canine Massage Therapy earlier in Nan’s life.”

“Since training with Agnès I have learned to focus on understanding Fionn, not on telling him off for ‘getting it wrong’ and as a result he has grown into a truly fantastic young dog. Thank you Agnès”

“Agnès is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. My dog Denny and I learnt so much and really enjoyed ourselves training with her! I’m looking forward to some more lessons with Agnès in the future.”

“Champion trainer! Agnès trains to suit the individual needs of the handler and dog. We have learned so much and the dogs love training! The highlight of our week!”

“I was extremely happy of the progress Balou was having after each session. He was more mobile, happier and started to engage in playing with other dogs. I am convinced that the massage therapy has played an important part in speeding up his recovery. ”

“I loved my class and so did Skyler it was both educational and fun. Skyler learned how to behave, manage her fears and interact with other dogs. In fact we loved it so much we’re still here 15 months later learning agility. Couldn’t ask for a better trainer, Skyler adores Agnès!”

“Agnès was great! She had such a calming effect of Flo! Flo seemed more energetic and happy the day after the session and for the first time in over a year she cantered during her walk, her gait seemed to be much lighter and she willingly wanted to go for slightly longer walks. I would definitely recommend Agnès for your elderly dog”

“Through her vision of the discipline, combined with her extensive knowledge of the Border Collie, Agnès has been a brilliant trainer despite the distance. Agnès has a well balanced mix of gentleness, firmness and patience and it suited perfectly Storm and me.”

“Agnès has enthusiasm by the bucketful, and makes me feel I have achieved something new every week. I started the classes with the intention of doing a couple of sessions, and am still going 18 months later and loving every moment!”

“Archie was much happier when he got home and he was in a mood to be active. The next day he doubled the maximum walking distance he had done in days before turning for home. Agnès was calm and controlled during the sessions, she was kind and tender with Archie and very responsive to his movements and signals”

“I would recommend Agnès to anybody for any aspect of dog training. Just after the 2 first sessions with Agnès, Rye’s behavior and my relationship with her improved dramatically and continued to develop over the training programme..”

“I have known Agnès for just over 9 years. I was delighted when she decided to leave the oil industry and dedicate herself to dog training. She is really good at working with you to get the best out of your dog.”

“Agnès is an excellent teacher and I am really pleased with the progress we have made in so few lessons!”

“Agnès was kind but confident and Katie was happy to be handled by her. Katie has not suffered any more episodes of lameness since the last massage session and has shown no problem or hesitation jumping into the car or going up or down stairs. Thank you for fixing her!”

“In the year that I have been attending training with Agnès, Patch and I have learnt a great deal and we are really enjoy every training session. In fact Patch is ‘in love’ with Agnès! I look forward to many more training sessions and eventually one day maybe competing in agility.”

“My previous trainer was leaving the area but before she left she recommended Agnès to me. Having a border collie who has many issues and no previous experience myself of agility, I went along for lessons and was very relieved and happy with the experience. Agnès quickly got the measure of both Keo and myself and we have continued to improve, be challenged and still enjoy our training immensely!”

“I highly recommend Agnès’ puppy classes, they are fun and you achieve a lot very quickly. Tam is quite excitable and Agnès adapted her training to suit his character, he really benefited of her training methods. It’s nice that her classes are small, she can give time and attention to everybody and her training methods are always very positive”

“Agnès had a calm and sensitive approach with Dill who felt relaxed very quickly. Straight after the first session Dill started to be more playful with people and dogs, her gait was freer, she started cantering again and stretching herself. And unexpectedly it seems that the massage therapy session has help reduced dramatically her incontinence. ”

“We love our weekly agility training with Agnès. She’s clear with what she wants us to do, keeps sessions fun and yet is always challenging us and getting us to think! She’s brilliant with the dogs and tailors her training to suit the individual dogs character and issues. She’s always enthusiastic and has endless patience! Definitely highly recommended!”

“Despite being usually nervous when being handled Lexie was very calm and relaxed throughout the sessions. Her gait was much more fluid even after just one session, in fact even my husband noticed the difference! Lexie’s willingness to work and jump in agility also improved after the course of the 3 sessions and she has not be lame since!”

“No matter what your concerns and issues are with your dog, give Agnès a go, she is extremely patient and knowledgeable and always has time to help with anything either at class or outside of class. As well as teaching us to train our dog, Agnès has also helped with my concerns about meeting other dogs, separation anxiety in Jake, crate training and just having fun.”

“I like that Agnès is willing to mix indoors and outdoors training and test the dogs off lead when possible which make the sessions much more realistic. Training clubs I have been before would not allow it. Very quickly bailey’s recall has improved and he is responding much quicker than before and enjoying it.”

“Agnès keeps the groups small and she keeps a close eye on whatever task you are doing throughout the whole session so we are always corrected if we don’t quite get it right. This can lead to much banter and laughter as agility training is fun and a bit like line dancing you need to be facing the right way if you want your dog to get in right!”

“ Darcey is so much more confident with other dogs now, it’s a major improvement! There is no doubt that Agnès’ energy and enthusiasm has encouraged her (and us) to develop new skills and progress to the level that we are now achieving. Thank you! “

“Nan can now wag her tail freely, her temper with other dogs has dramatically improved as she is less in pain and she is willingly jumping low fences, crawling under gates and jumps in the car which she had never done for years”

“Agnès handled Elvis with due respect to his age and condition and showed showed genuine care and compassion wilst exercising due diligence.”

Welcome to the heart of Canine Pawsibilities

With Canine Pawsibilities I can finally combine two of my passions: developing a bond between a dog and its owner and improving the well-being of dogs.

Being an experienced and successful dog agility trainer and competitor as well as a professionally qualified Canine Physiotherapist, Canine Massage therapist, Manual Therapist (osteopathic techniques), and a Canine Fitness instructor, I combine my knowledge of these disciplines to:

  • Develop life skills or sport training programmes that can be adapted to the physical and mental abilities of your dog.
  • Better analyse the muscular issues that may be affecting your dog and provide the most appropriate Physiotherapy treatment or Fitness program.
  • Make the post injury/surgery rehabilitation experience much more enjoyable for both you and your dog by blending therapeutic exercises with mental stimulation games.

In addition to my 23 years experience of dog training, I also have  extensive experience of competing and teaching. I am a qualified diving instructor, sailing instructor, sailing team coach and international competitor. I was a successful Sales and Marketing director but chose to leave the industry to live my passion.

With my Border Collie Manouk, we qualified and competed in most of the UK’s major finals at championship level (Grade 7). In 2009 we competed in Kennel Club Agility Stakes at Olympia. In 2011 we won the Scottish Agility Dog of the year and then represented Scotland at the Crufts International Agility final where we finished third in the jumping round. We also qualified for the Scottish squad for the inaugural World Agility Open in 2011. Together we won 2 agility Championship tickets and 3 Championship reserve tickets. I also won another Championship reserve ticket with my first agility dog, Midge.

In my youth I used to compete at international level in sailing, and qualified repetitively for the French ladies squad and finished third overall the ladies placing at the world cup open week.

Agnès Campan

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