Join in the Fun

With all of our classes, Puppy, Junior, Scent Work, Hoopers or Agility, the emphasis is on learning whilst having fun with your dog. We want you to be able to come away from each session with a positive (or should that be Pawsitive) feeling of achievement and a happy dog.

During our last Junior and Puppy School we were fortunate to have Aaron Clark come along to one of the training sessions with his Camera to capture some of the fun.

onlinepethealth Mentorship program.

Another year of learning, another year of sharing, another year of building a little more confidence
It was very scary to get out of my comfort zone and start mentoring, but it is so worth it!
I would like to thank all the mentors who are participating to the program, both for the time you are generously giving to others and for your friendship and support, you are such a welcoming community! We are over 20 mentors mentoring all over the world! I am looking forward to 2023!
And of course a very special Thank you to onlinepethealth for launching and supporting this worldwide mentorship program.

Six Tricks for Christmas

I think I can confidently say that everybody had fun last Sunday during the Six Tricks for Christmas special class! And to all the participants, I hope you will be able to impress your friends with your new tricks.
If you feel you have missed out, keep an eye on Canine Pawsibilities page or message me for our next special trick class!
In addition, you can start your trick journey today by joining our online Tricks for Treats school

Puppy School

Helping Animals to live a better life

I always feel that there is nothing more rewarding than helping animals to live a better life. This is a beautiful story…

Onlinepethealth mentorship program

I am proud to be one of the founding members of this amazing community, trying to build bridges within the vetrehab professionals, to help all of us thrive with our patients.

Onlinepethealth Interview

This morning, I had an interview with Ane from onlinepethealth to discuss our worldwide mentorship program for professional vetrehabbers. A subject very close to my heart.

Puppy School Photoshoot

We all love looking at photographs of Puppies. This Sunday we managed to squeeze in an impromptu photo shoot during one of my Puppy Class – Live  sessions.

Hoopers in the Winter sunshine

A typical Canine Hoopers training session at CANINE Pawsibilities in Inverurie
I am so proud and amazed of how the teams are progressing and also how everybody has been (and still is) helping each other. A big thank you Euan Duff for the amazing photos!

Speyside Copper Dogs Flyball – Canine Fitness

I was invited by the Speyside Copper Dogs Flyball team to organise a Canine Fitness & Conditioning session to help them maintain their dogs in peak fitness over the long winter months in preparation for the next competition season.