Learn how to teach your puppy in a stress free environment, using modern, kind and motivational methods. Apply these new skills for the entire life of your puppy.

My training is all based on positive reinforcement and in addition to more conventional techniques and verbal commands I will also teach you “clicker training”.  It is a very effective way to communicate and train dogs.

My challenge is to insure that you and your pup will be leaving the class happy, satisfied and confident that you understand each other. This is the foundation step to build a strong bond and continue the training beyond the class environment . I also always encourage multiple members of the family to participate to the classes so that everybody understand how to communicate efficiently with your puppy or young dog.

The classes are held either indoor or outdoor, depending on the weather and the exercises so you can test your skills in various environments.

At each classes I also include information to help you take care of the health (and mind) of your pet.

 All puppy classes are small and exclusive with no more than 7 teams. Hence you can be confident that I will provide efficient feedback and that you will have enough space to work comfortably with your puppy. I also provide individual sessions on-demand.

Puppy Classes

This class is aiming  on teaching them the basic commands and manners in addition to basic socialisation. Don’t wait to start to come to a class, as soon as your pup has had his first set of injections he is ready to join a class! You will be surprised how quickly a young pup learn and the earlier you start his training the easier it will be.

I will also discuss common puppy topics such as toilet training, mouthing, crate training, resource guarding which will help you avoid some of common issues.

Junior Classes

This  is a step up from the puppy program  for graduate puppies or junior dogs who have missed out the puppy program. The class is a re-enforcement of the behaviours taught in the puppy class with some additional skills, increased distance work, fun exercises to tests that the training foundation are rock solid and a lot of more tricks!

I will also discuss new topics such as basic body language, cutting your pup’s nails or choosing the right food for your puppy.

Adult beginners classes for dogs over a year old

I also run private sessions for dogs who have never taken a course before or owners who are not familiar with positive reinforcement and shaping but I do no offer formal group classes. The sessions will be tailored based on the information gathered about your dog before the start of the program.

“I highly recommend Agnès’ puppy classes, they are fun and you achieve a lot very quickly. Tam is quite excitable and Agnès adapted her training to suit his character, he really benefited of her training methods. It’s nice that her classes are small, she can give time and attention to everybody and her training methods are always very positive”

“As soon as you start training with Agnes you really feel like part of the Pawsibilities family. Whether training your puppy the basics, improving obedience or agility handling the emphasis is always on fun – for you and your dog! Agnès is very patient and always focused on the positive, she has an excellent understanding of what will motivate your dog to work for you.”

“I would recommend Agnès to anybody for any aspect of dog training. Just after the 2 first sessions with Agnès, Rye’s behavior and my relationship with her improved dramatically and continued to develop over the training programme.”

“I loved my class and so did Skyler it was both educational and fun. Skyler learned how to behave, manage her fears and interact with other dogs. In fact we loved it so much we’re still here 15 months later learning agility. Couldn’t ask for a better trainer, Skyler adores Agnès!”

“ Darcey is so much more confident with other dogs now, it’s a major improvement! There is no doubt that Agnès’ energy and enthusiasm has encouraged her (and us) to develop new skills and progress to the level that we are now achieving. Thank you! “

“No matter what your concerns and issues are with your dog, give Agnès a go, she is extremely patient and knowledgeable and always has time to help with anything either at class or outside of class. As well as teaching us to train our dog, Agnès has also helped with my concerns about meeting other dogs, separation anxiety in Jake, crate training and just having fun.”

“I like that Agnès is willing to mix indoors and outdoors training and test the dogs off lead when possible which make the sessions much more realistic. Training clubs I have been before would not allow it. Very quickly bailey’s recall has improved and he is responding much quicker than before and enjoying it.”

“Since training with Agnès I have learned to focus on understanding Fionn, not on telling him off for ‘getting it wrong’ and as a result he has grown into a truly fantastic young dog. Thank you Agnès”

“Agnès seems to have a fundamental understanding of how dogs think and she adapts her training to each individual dogs.The common theme is positive reinforcement and the dogs enjoy themselves.”

“Agnès keeps the groups small and she keeps a close eye on whatever task you are doing throughout the whole session so we are always corrected if we don’t quite get it right. This can lead to much banter and laughter as agility training is fun and a bit like line dancing you need to be facing the right way if you want your dog to get in right!”

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