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This is why I can relate to my canine massage therapy patients

Every week, during my canine massage clinics, I meet dogs with pain, dog with orthopaedic & neurological conditions, elderly dogs.  And one word can summaries why I relate so closely to them and their owners:  MEHWI (MAIS OUI), my “little” pup who was supposed to become my next agility dog and my first trial herding […]

Another training day at CANINE Pawsibilities

With the nice weather we had a couple of weeks ago, Iain decided to take his camera out to witness another training day at CANINE Pawsibilities. There was a mix of junior classes, agility foundation for young dogs and one to one agility training sessions. Although I am a border collie addict, I love training […]

You said Collection or Extension Jumps?

During their last dog agility training session Buzz and Colin were working on early verbal and physical cue for more efficient lead leg change during collection and extension jumps. Although lead leg is often overlooked in agility it is actually a simple concept that can make the difference between a tight turn and a wide turn. […]

World Agility Open, go on Agility Team Scotland!

In 2012 Manouk and me were lucky to be part of the very first Agility Team Scotland that went to represent Scotland at the World Agility Open Championship. This year I will be returning to the event as the Canine Therapist for Team Scottish. Last Sunday was the last team training. I thought it would […]

Crufts 2016 – Good Luck to all the agility competitors

How time flies! A year ago I was getting ready for Crufts with Manouk to compete in the agility championship final on the Sunday, one of the most prestigious final of the UK. Manouk  was just back from an injury, in fact I only had the go ahead to compete from Scott Rigg, his orthopaedist […]

Introducing Canine Massage Therapy to the veterinary community

On Wednesday 17th of February, I had my first opportunity to raise the awareness about the value of Canine Massage Therapy and the Canine Massage Guild to the veterinary community of the North East of Scotland. It was also a great opportunity to discuss how beneficial a multi-disciplinary approach can be for the rehabilitation of […]

Less than 18 months in practice and already nominated for the Petplan award!

It’s been an amazing year setting up my Canine Massage Therapy Clinic, with some scary moment too! My confidence builders have been two of my canine massage guild colleagues, namely Natalie Lenton, course director of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre and Chairman of the canine massage guild and Emma Overend, instructor in Canine Touch and […]