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We can’t train Cuteness

We all know that Puppies are cute, but just being cute does not also mean well behaved. Our Puppy Schools are designed to provide you with fun and stimulating training that will help you develop a strong bond with your puppy and control and shape their behaviour to leave you with the dog of your […]

Why so Serious?

    Although we take our Puppy Training very seriously our classes are very much orientated towards learning whilst having lots of fun. We run live Puppy Schools throughout the year in Aberdeenshire but also have online video based training available for those who are unable to attend the live classes. If you register for […]

Our next Puppy School is open for Registration

    Puppy training need not be a Stressful or Confusing experience for you or your puppy! We have opened up registration for our next block of Live Puppy Classes. These will take place at an indoor venue close to Inverurie, Aberdeenshire starting on the 7th January 2024. For more information about the classes and […]


A comment that I often hear during my Agility Classes is that I am very patient. I predominantly hear this after the person I am training has taken numerous attempts to complete a particular exercise. Patience is a key virtue when teaching dog agility. Just like their human handlers, dogs vary in their ability to […]

Fun, Fast and Reliable Recalls – July 2023

A good solid recall is one of the fundamental behaviours that your dog should learn. The recall is an invaluable tool for keeping your dog and others safe. How to train recalls is one of the most common topics that I get asked for advise about when dog owners contact me. In response to all […]

Canine Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a degenerative condition that starts as laxity within the hip joint in the young dog, and progresses to arthritis in the aging dog. It is a painful condition that can be effectively managed with a combination of strategies, including surgery, diet, weight management, hydrotherapy, physical rehabilitation, and environmental management.

Join in the Fun

With all of our classes, Puppy, Junior, Scent Work, Hoopers or Agility, the emphasis is on learning whilst having fun with your dog. We want you to be able to come away from each session with a positive (or should that be Pawsitive) feeling of achievement and a happy dog. During our last Junior and […]

Have you heard of Vestibular Syndrome?

Tully’s Story told by his owner, Lyn Armour On Saturday September 10th, one week after Tully had a ball at the Blair Atholl Beardie Bounce and one day before the Scottish Branch Open Show, I went to look for Tully in the garden. We were having boiled eggs and toast for breakfast and Tully likes […]