Introducing Canine Massage Therapy to the veterinary community

On Wednesday 17th of February, I had my first opportunity to raise the awareness about the value of Canine Massage Therapy and the Canine Massage Guild to the veterinary community of the North East of Scotland.

It was also a great opportunity to discuss how beneficial a multi-disciplinary approach can be for the rehabilitation of a canine patient. The presentation was split in two main subjects: Hydrotherapy, presented by Sarah Wilson and Clinical Canine Massage Therapy, presented by myself.

The presentation was held at Aberdeen Veterinary Referral and was fully booked. I am delighted by the very positive feedback we had after the presentation and I am hoping to continue to improve the awareness of Canine Massage Therapy to the veterinary community of the NE of Scotland.

I would to take the opportunity to thank Sandra Wilson (K9 Health Centre)  for her trust by inviting me to share her presentation and AVR for giving us such an opportunity.

Less than 18 months in practice and already nominated for the Petplan award!

It’s been an amazing year setting up my Canine Massage Therapy Clinic, with some scary moment too!

My confidence builders have been two of my canine massage guild colleagues, namely Natalie Lenton, course director of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre and Chairman of the canine massage guild and Emma Overend, instructor in Canine Touch and McTimoney Animal therapist.

And of course Scott Rigg from Aberdeen Veterinary Referrals who is kindly mentoring me in my next project: becoming an small animal physiotherapist. Scott has also authorised me to use sometimes one of the room at the practice when some of our common clients may not be able to drive up to Huntly for their Canine Massage Therapy treatments.  But just to clarify I am not technically a member of staff of the practice!

I can’t even explain how nice if feel to be nominated for such an award especially after just under 18 months of practice in Canine Massage it means a lot to realise how appreciated I am by the people and owners of dogs that I am trying to help. I guess this nomination set the standard high for my few coming years of practice! Thank you so much for your support Jeri!